Front Page Addiction

Front Page Addiction is a book by Alan Rabinowitz, the CEO of the leading SEO Company, SEO Image. Alan Rabinowitz has been marketing websites since 1998. He has placed numerous companies on top positions of the Search Engines for some of the most competitive terms in the world. These include; Memory, Merchant Accounts, Credit Card Equipment, Ink Cartridges, Tapestries, Tutoring, CRM Software, Sales Force Automation, Web Design, Numerous Real Estate Terms and many other top terms.

Front Page Addiction offers numerous strategies, including social marketing, to take advantage of multiple portals to bring traffic to websites.

Alan has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, NBC News, Fox Business,, and several other magazines, trade portals and industry SEO data pools. His SEO Company has been ranked in the Top Ten amongst thousands of other firms by Clutch, FindBestSEO, 10SEOs, TopTenReviews,, PromotionWorld and Website Magazine many times over.

The Front Page Addiction website marketing book features hundreds of pages of information and “How To’s” for driving in traffic from numerous online portals, marketing venues, and social media websites.

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